034 - Brooklyn Beta

Brooklyn Beta was an amazing gift to creative people from all around, carrying a theme of going out there and doing what you love. Not just for a job, but for anything. Make something great, do it at home or on nights and weekends. Start that business, launch that product, go forth and inspire. Lucky for me it’s hosted right here in my home turf. In this episode we all get together and watch the lights go out with a jam-packed episode with seven different guests. Check them out and mourn the end of one of the most special gatherings I’ve ever seen.

033 - Justin McElroy

Justin McElroy is a guy who seems to almost always have a pretty sunny disposition. Not an easy feat when you’re juggling being a new dad; hosting My Brother, My Brother and Me, Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine, Polygon’s Quality Control; being the Managing Editor for Polygon.com and still managing to make room for a little time with me in his busy schedule. Justin and I talk about his early days growing up, cereal, West Virginia, his family, how me met and fell in love with his wife Sydney, and how he manages to stay creative and satisfied in this episode of Save As Podcast.

032 - Julia Nunes

I’m not joking when I tell you that I’ve been a Julia Nunes fan for years now. Julia is a talented singer-songwriter who’s humor and clever editing has carved out her place in the YouTube walk of fame, created one of the most successful music Kickstarters every, and more importantly—made her mark on the music industry. On this episode of Save As we discuss making our dreams reality, facing doubt, breakups, and her new album with plenty of “sad-happy” songs.

You can support Julia over at her Patreon page, where you can be the first to see her new stuff, and actually be a part of helping her create it. You can get her current album Settle Down on iTunes now.

Also, super special announcement that Save As Podcast will be at Brooklyn Beta on October 10th doing shotgun interview with attendees and bringing you not-so-live commentary from the floor of the show. Those episodes airing in November. Sign up now if you’ll be there for a chance to be on the show!

031 - Joe Mackenzie

Joe Mackenzie isn’t your ordinary designer. In a world where it’s all contacts and money, Joe has dedicated nearly 10 years of his nights, and weekends to brining a modern archive of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke’s vision to life with The HAL Project. Joe and I discuss working on side projects, pushing on through the lens of self doubt, and the lengths he was willing to go through to bring the most complete and accurate recollection of HAL 9000 to life for our Macs and PCs. Plus we manage to have a bit of fun taking a stab at the next phase in human evolution! Go support the project over at HalProject.com

030 - Rogie King

Like so many other artists, Rogie King grew up with Disney movies and Star Wars flashing on his TV. With a few curve balls thrown his way, and one foot firmly planted in practicality, he became not only a talented designer and Illustrator, but a web developer too. Rogie has been a part of brining the design community NeonMob.com a place where digital art has quantifiable value, he’s thrown down the gauntlet in one of the most epic dribble playoff’s of all time, and has sound beliefs on family, love, divorce, and parenting.

029 - Michael Heilemann

Michael Heilemann is the Director of Interface at Squarespace. What does that mean? We dig in to find out, but beyond that Michael is a avid film enthusiast, video game player, master of all things Star Wars, and my friend. His website, Kitbashed is an ongoing literary and visual pursuit to document and explain the inspirations and production of the George Lucas’ space saga. This episode, in a nice transition from video games back to a more web and interface design theme, I get to talk to him about being a design leader in an organization, and his winding career path to get to that point. Check out Kitbashed, and watch Star Wars like you’ve never seen it before.